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Welcome to Ansu Leisure, we have united with Importseasy under the Foundation name Silverlining

Please find caravan sales and spare parts at new webpage www.silverlining.services

Ansu Leisure is based in Pimpinio on the Western Highway 10 Minutes North of Horsham in Victoria. It is also home to Importseasy, Euro Caravan Parts Supplier.

Thank you for looking at the business, my name is Andy and I would like to share with you a little bit of my story.

Ansu Leisure was born 17th November 2007. Coming from the UK with a vast knowledge of European Caravans and having been a caravan user myself since 1989, as the owner of Ansu, I wanted to expand and offer the easiness of the Euro style caravans in Australia.

As the European Caravan is easy to tow, very user friendly and excellent for free camping, I first aimed at the main market initially with Geist from LMC in Germany. Unfortunately the Geist brand importer had financial difficulty in the 2008 market drop and fell to receivership in early 2009. Since that time we have aimed our market at second hand imports of British caravans aiming at a price point of $22 to 35K although we will buy to order for clients as required. These can be towed with the average cars and as fuel prices only seem to be going up it means its a financial bonus, and gives our clients the ability to enjoy their caravans.

We do a complete conversion to these caravans to meet the Australian market requirements.  Having used caravans for my Australia main holidays, traveling about half of the coast of Australia, I feel I have a good understanding of what power is needed for free camping and water unlike the UK where there was a tap in every field.

In our conversion we consider the legal requirements of Gas compliance and although not a legal requirement we do a complete electrical compliance and certificate for both. We also register the caravans for 12 months in Victoria. In addition we fit a water tank, normally a 70l, and a town water supply. We offer a box awning or if ordering a van in advance an option of an European annex.

We have our Australian manufacturer “Montana Caravans” our home brand of Caravans Built in Melbourne. We moved from Traveller Caravans to Montana Caravans due to its superior build quality in my and our client’s opinions.

Ive also tried Jurgen’s Caravans but it did not meet mine or the market standards.  We also make our own Camp trailer’s and we also rent camp trailers, along with stocking a full range of caravan accessories.

Importseasy was established out of a necessity to meet the increase inquiries for European Caravan Parts. You can visit www.importseasy.com.au to view our broad range of parts available and you can also request particular parts as well.

We now can help with all of your caravan needs.

We no longer take orders from this site. Please visit our new website www.silverlining.services Dismiss