Fiamma Bi-Pot 30

Fiamma Bi-Pot 30

Fiamma Bi-Pot 30


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Fiamma Bi-Pot 30 $135.00
Size 300mm High X 345mm Wide X 435mm Deep
Bi-Pot is the simplest, strongest, self-contained, fresh water flush portable toilet. Extremely easy to clean. Compact and completely dismantable, including the valve, for thorough and total cleaning.
Sturdy and solid handle for easy transportation. Large waste cap so there is no tiresome protrusion, emptying is easy and hygienic, no clogging. Each tank is electronically tested for a perfect seal.
Convenient side hooks that connect the upper and lower tanks.
These toilets are easy to carry and empty and comes with attached cleaning brush. They also have a slide valve that’s easy to dismantle. Included is a large discharge outlet with a semi transparent lid. A solid and practical pump that can be completely taken apart. The waste tank with smooth surface making it simple to clean, and made from one piece without seams for no leaks.
Dimensiopns 345w x 435l x 300mm high.
Waste capacity tank 10 ltr
Weight 4.1 Kg
Grey in colour.
Top tank holds a maximum of 13 litres. This is good for around 50 uses.


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